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June 15, 2009

Dark siders - advocates, activists, believers, politicians, opportunists and grifters - are always wrong. They don't reason from evidence to form sensible views, they exploit evidence - spin, omission, selection, exaggeration etc. - to advance their agendas. This isn't just deceitful, isn't just marketing for power and profit, because they confuse themselves as well as their victims, and compound the problem.

There are limits. Eventually nonsense positions become impossible for even such posers to hold and they have to convert, be born again, but they don't learn from their mistakes, they just go on as before with a new agenda.

If we’re going to avoid climate disaster, we’re going to have start getting a lot more direct. We’re going to have to think about cooling the planet. . .

Many of us who have been watching this subject closely have gone from being skeptics to advocates. Very reluctant advocates, to be sure, but advocates nonetheless.

What has changed? Quite simply, as the effects of global warming have worsened, policy makers have failed to meet the challenge. As a result, if we want to avoid an unprecedented global catastrophe, we may have no other choice but to reduce the impact of global warning, alongside focusing on the factors that are causing it in the first place. That is, while we continue to work aggressively to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, we also need to consider lowering the temperature of the Earth itself.

Nothing has changed. The situation now is as it has always been. Warming has not worsened, it has abated if anything. But the impossibility of useful reduction of emissions has been exposed, to the surprise of no one who looked at the issue in any detail. The vague and airy rhetoric of politicians was never more than empty promises for political advantage.
let’s be clear about one other thing: We will still have to radically reduce carbon emissions, and do so quickly. We will still have to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and adopt substantially more sustainable agricultural methods. We will still have to deal with the effects of ecosystems damaged by carbon overload.
Nonsense. The old agenda does not need to be grandfathered into the new agenda. It was silly then and it's silly now. We will not eliminate the use of fossil fuels. We will not adopt the amateurish agricultural methods beloved by activists. This is merely lip service, pledging allegiance to the cherished illusions of the uninformed.
The global institutions we rely on to deal with a problem like climate change seem unable to look past short-term roadblocks and regional interests. At the same time, climate scientists are shouting louder than ever about the speed and intensity of environmental changes coming from global warming.

In short, although we know what to do to stop global warming, we’re running out of time to do it and show no interest in moving faster. So here’s where geoengineering steps in: It gives us time to act.

There are no global institutions. There is no global government. But even if there was it would be no more effective than any national government. All of them have refused to adopt the hair shirt policies demanded by activists since they would result in collapse. Suicide is not a sensible response to a threat. The fiction that "we know what to do to stop global warming" is the rot at the core of activist antics.
It’s imperative that we increase funding for geoengineering research, building the kinds of models and simulations necessary to allow us to weed out the approaches with dangerous, surprising consequences.
Now we get to the real objective: money honey. This is a new opportunity for graft and corruption, meat for activists.
Our overall goal must remain the reduction and then elimination of greenhouse-gas emissions as swiftly as humanly possible. This will require feats of political will and courage around the world. What geoengineering offers us is the time to make it happen.
A better goal would be to ignore activists and reduce the harms of the bloated political class which is creating the corrupt and inefficient dystopia discussed in the previous post. If not for their machinations the world would have more advanced energy and agronomic systems - among many other improvements - and so be less impacted by the problems that now make geoengineering a more appealing possibility. The activists make problems and then demand more power and control in order to deal with the problems that they made. Get off the bus, send them packing.

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